Reeves and Mayors  Timeline

Until 1980, the longest consecutive occupant of the mayor's chair was C. H. Meier, with eight years. (Thomas E. Henry served as mayor for 10 years but in two terms, of seven and three years.) Five times sons have been elected to the office previously held by their fathers: J. C. W. Daly, followed by his son, T. M. Daly; W. F. McCulloch and J. A. McCulloch; John Brown and Tom Brown; Dr. J. D. Monteith and J. Waldo Monteith; W. H. Gregory and W. P. Gregory. The first woman mayor was Betty McMillan, 1975-1976.

Two mayors died in office: Andrew W. Robb in December, 1881, and E. K.Barnsdale in August, 1916. Two others resigned: Stratford's first mayor J. C. W Daly, who quit in August, 1859, and Second Lieutenant Colonel John L. Youngs, in 1919, when he was recalled for military service overseas.

Adelaide Leitch in Floodtides of Fortune provided a list of reeves for the village of Stratford and a partial list of mayors. Additional information provided by Patricia Shantz, Administrative Assisatant to the Mayor, City of Stratford. The authors of this document have also added to the original lists.  The names in red are Mayors that have streets named after them. The names in blue have a bio.

Source:   Thanks to Stratford City Hall for the list


William F. McCulloch  1854-55

Alexander B. Orr 1856-58


John C. W. Daly Jan.-Aug. 1859

William Smith Aug.-Dec. 1859

William F. McCulloch 1860-62

Peter R. Jarvis 1863-67

JJames A. Carral 1868

Thomas M. Daly 1869-70

James A. McCulloch 1871-72

Thomas Stoney 1873-74

Samuel R. Hesson 1875

Thomas M. Daly 1876-78

Alexander Grant 1879-80

Andrew W. Robb 1881

David Scrimgeour 1882

William Roberts 1883

William Gordon 1884-85


William Gordon Apr.-Dec. 1885

Charles J. Macgregor 1886-87

Henry T. Butler 1888-89

John Brown 1890-91

Elijah Hodgins 1892

John C. Monteith 1893-94

William Davidson 1895-96

John O'Donoghue 1897-98

James Hodd 1899-1900

James Stamp 1901-02

William Hepburn 1903-04

William J. Ferguson 1905-06

William Gordon 1907-08

William S. Dingman 1909-10

John Brown 1911-12

Charles N. Greenwood 1913

John Stevenson 1914

Elijah K. Barnsdale 1915-Aug. 1916

Duncan M. Ferguson Aug. -Dec. 1916

Joseph D. Monteith 1917-18


John L. Youngs Jan.-July 1919

John Stevenson July-Dec. 1919

Walter H. Gregory 1921-22


Thomas Brown 1923-25

David R. Marshall 1926-27

John A. Andrew 1928-29

Charles E. Moore 1930-31

George I. Graff 1932-33

Oliver. J. Kerr 1934-35

Walter H. Gregory 1936

Thomas E. Henry 1937-43

J. Waldo Monteith 1944-45

J. Maurice King 1946-47

Thomas E. Henry 1948-50

Alfred D. Simpson 1951-52

Lawrence Feick 1953-54

Wilfred P. Gregory 1955-56

Frederick W. Cox 1957-58

Robert E. Mountain 1959

Clarence H. Meier 1960-67

John V. Killer 1968-69

James C. Neilson 1970

Donald S. Davis 1971-72

Keith A. Culliton 1973-74

Betty M. McMillan 1975-76

Keith A. Culliton 1977-78

E. S. "Ted" Blowes 1979-88

David Hunt 1989-2000

Karen Haslam 2001-2003

Daniel. B. Mathieson 2004-2022

Martin Ritsma, 2022-