Stratford Awards and Recognitions

Blue Plaque Program -Anderson Awards - Bronze Star Awards 

Order of Canada Awards - Sports Wall of Fame

Blue Plaque Program

The Blue Plaque Program recognizes historical people and places of note in the city.  The City Site is not available at this time. TBA

James Anderson Award

The James Anderson Award was created by Heritage Stratford in honour of James Anderson (1929-1994), and is awarded to: Individuals who have made a significant contribution to the community of Stratford in the area of build or cultural or natural heritage preservation, or heritage garden conservation; or Small project groups where an effort was shared by a steering or ad-hoc committee; by co-authors of a local history publication; or by a group instrumental in the restoration of a heritage property.  

 *   Names of  winners see: Heritage Stratford

Bronze Star Awards

In partnership with the Stratford Festival, City Council recognizes individuals on a national or international scale who have worked or contributed profoundly to the cultural and/or social fabric of the City; or a Stratford citizen who has achieved national or international status. Each year two recipients are selected by the City and two are selected by the Festival.   Source: Stratford Bronze Star Awards

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Order of Canada, Stratford  Recipients : 

Sports Wall of Fame

The city's Sports Wall of Fame is at 353 McCarthy Rd W., in the Stratford Rotary Complex. The Sports Hall of Fame committee was established to recognize individuals and teams whose athletic abilities brought fame to  themselves and for the City of Stratford. * Click on categories below to view the lists of sports figures, teams and builders honoured over the years with YouTube videos. See samples below. 

    Athletes                                                  Teams                                                  Builders                                                Legends 

Donald McPherson,

Howie Morenz