About the Streets

Paul S. Wilker, Ottawa was born in Stratford in 1942 and lived there for 23 years. He then went on to work for several hi-tech companies and retired in Ottawa.

Gord Conroy and  Joanne Baker, his wife, live in  Ancaster. Gord was born in Stratford in 1943 and lived there until 1963.  He is a retired teacher and one of the founders of Theatre Ancaster  in  1997. 

The Streets of Stratford  website was created in collaboration with the Stratford-Perth Archives and inputs from many Stratford people.  

At the beginning  this site was prepared by Paul Wilker who scanned old scrapbooks that contained a series of 180 articles in the Stratford Beacon Herald about the Streets of Stratford. They were written by Stanford Dingman over a period of four years in the early 1980s. There was also a supplement called  Streets of Stratford in 2004 in the Stratford Beacon Herald that added more streets. Since March  2021  this project grew with the addition of stories about people and places that were on various websites and pictures and stories contributed by Stratford residents. 

Main Contributors:

Gord Conroy  partnered with Paul Willker. He contributed significantly by providing research and editing as well as  compiling many stories and  sourcing photos.

  *  See: The Origin of the Streets of Stratford   ORIGIN

We would appreciate hearing from you if you have stories or pictures that could be added to the Streets or if you find errors or omissions. Please click  streetsofstratford@gmail.com .

Note:  Every effort has been made to credit those who submitted materials. Streets of Stratford is considered an eductional/history site. No monitary gain is expected by the creators or contributors.