Moore Street named for Charles E. Moore, mayor 

Charles E. Moore was elected Mayor in 1930 and served for two years. He was prominent in Stratford civic affairs from 1922 when he ran for city council and was elected. Prominent in many fields, he served as president of the Stratford Board of Trade and president of the Stratford Lawn Bowling Club.

Mr. Moore was born in 1874 on a farm in Ellice township. He came to Stratford in 1914 and bought a house with his wife Bertha whom he married in 1900 at 265 Cambria Street where they  lived until they died. Moore became associated in town with the Canada Dominion Sugar Co. as agricultural superintendent. In 1924 he left the sugar business to go with the Canada Life Insurance Co. After two years, he became the company's  district manager until his retirement just prior to 1953.

During his 15 year service on city council, he chaired all the committees. He was an active member of the industrial commission, and a member of the board of directors of the British Mortgage and Trust Co. He died in 1959 at age 85.  Source: Stratford-Perth Archives. Additional information about his family may be found here. Stratford-Perth County Branch ACO (Architectural Conservancy of Ontario) | Historical Plaque Properties  

Dean Robinson, author, historian

Dean Robinson is  a Stratford-Perth  historian and author of 21 books, and author/editor of another eight. A list of his books is on his website:

A native of Mitchell and a Stratford resident since 1969, Robinson holds sociology and journalism degrees from Western University. He became hooked on journalism when, as a high school student, he contributed stories to the Mitchell Advocate. In 1965, he joined the London Free Press and worked on newspapers and magazines, and at radio and television stations in London, Kitchener, Seaforth and Stratford, until 1982. He taught journalism at the Doon campus of Conestoga College from 1989 to 2001. He and his wife Judy (Brown) live at 27 Moore St., Stratford. Source:

*  A big thank you to Dean for his diligent editing of the Streets of Stratford