Packham Road

Monteith Grove

Dr. J. D. Monteith Home, 402 William St.

Packham Road was opened in 1969 as part of the Downie Industrial Park and was named for the family farm of Roy and Ruth (Monteith) Packham. Packham Road runs between between Erie Street and Wright Boulevard.

The Packham's Glenvenue Farm was on the highway immediately south of Packham Road (Lot 1 Concession 4, Downie Township). Both of them had descended from pioneer families in Downie, and they had a great love of the land. Ruth’s father, Hon. Nelson Monteith was the Ontario Minister of Agriculture from 1905 to 1908.

Though many of the trees on and about the former Packham farm are gone, Monteith Grove remains to the north of Packham Road. Some of those trees were on adjacent property, on land once owned by Dr. Joseph Dunsmore Monteith, father of Jay Waldo Monteith, a long-serving member of Parliament for Perth County. Source: Beacon Herald 2012 Chronicles Vol. 2