Lloyd Court

Lloyd Court is named for grocers James and Charles Lloyd

James Lloyd

Charles Lloyd

1935  Stratford-Perth Archives

James Lloyd and son, grocers

James Lloyd came Stratford from Sheffield England in 1884 and established a grocery, flour and feed business at 2-4 Ontario St. (corner of Huron and Ontario streets).

In 1893 he moved his business to the Brandenberger Block at 32-34 Wellington Street to establish a wholesale fruit  business . Then in the following year he expanded into groceries and vegetables and moved to the Ontario Street store of James C. Myers. This was considered the forman beginning of James Lloyd and Son. 

Just before the company’s 40th anniversary, in 1934, Lloyds' operation moved to a William Street location that had once been a clothing factory. It was later owned by D. A. McClay and then by the Gerlach-Barklow lithographing firm.

The Lloyd firm served more than 800 retailers in eight counties.

On Sept. 14, 1910, James died after he was struck by a train while visiting a fruit grower. He was 65. After his death, his son Charles Victor Lloyd (born Oct. 5, 1882), an athlete of note, became sole owner and manager of the business.  He also was an active member of the group that built the Classic city Arena in 1930.

In 1940, he drowned while holidaying at Oliphant on Lake Huron. Source: Streets of Stratford 2024

Vic Reid, Lloyds'driver, 1903   Nancy Musselman . . . FB 

Vince Gratton provided additional information about the photo.  1928 Rugby Durant Delivery Truck 

The Rugby Truck was manufactured by the Durant Motor Company in Lansing Michigan between 1922 and 1932. This photo was taken in Stratford Ontario Canada and shows a one-ton delivery model X that was likely assembled in their Canadian Facility at Leaside Ontario just outside of Toronto Canada.

The Driver was Victor Reid an employee of the Frank Lloyd Wholesale Company. This photo was taken on the east side of Erie Street looking west mid block between Ontario Street and St. Patrick Street.

James Lloyd building in 1903. In the 1940s and '5s, it was home to Stratford's Canadian Tire store. It has since been repurosed as a small hotel. (see Ontario Street).  Nancy Musselman . . . FB

In this photo, the Lloyds business is on William Street, behind the city's bathhouse on the north side of the Avon River. The food wholesaler moved there in 1934. Beyond the Lloyds building is St. James Church. The Park Towers apartment building is now on the former Lloyds site. Nancy Musselman . . . FB

This is a 1939 photo in front of Wellington Street. The Lloyd's Wholesale delivery staff and their trucks posed  in Market Square. One of the drivers, Albert Brown is fourth from the left. The big building at 42 Wellington St. is the Worth Block, Farther south on the are Allen's Alley and Allen's Fruit Market (see Wellington Street).  Stratford Album, Mary Jane Lennon. Photo originally from Mrs. Albert Brown