Hickory Lane

A tough tree and a good switch

Hickory Lane is one of the few lanes in Stratford. The name is part of a long-established tradition of naming streets for native Canadian trees, tree that would have been found here by the early settlers.

Though the hickory tree is almost unknown in Europe, more than 20 varieties thrive in the vast forests of the eastern United States. They are well known in the U.S. for their superlative wood, whose smoke goes up like incense from the barbecue pits of America. Of all the species found in North America, only about five are found in Canada.

A better use of Hickory

"Read'n, Rit'n and Rithmetic were taught to the tune of the hickory stick." In the early days, the hickory stick became popular (with teachers) because its hard, tough and strong qualities made it ideal for switches and canes. Hickory wood was also used for vehicle stock, spokes and machinery parts. It is still used for tool handles and sporting goods. By Stanford Dingman