George Forman, developer

George Forman (1830-1889) was known as a land developer and real estate agent without equal. A big-time operator, he once owned a major chunk of Stratford.

He had an adventurous spirit and didn’t permanently settle in Stratford until 1875, when he was 45 years old. In that year, he returned to his family and opened an office as a land and loans agent. He and his business did well, and he earned the confidence and respect of many.

He was the second deputy on the town council in 1876 and laid the foundation for Forman Avenue. His knowledge of municipal affairs, which included Stratford's separation from Perth County in 1886, was extensive, and he was routinely consulted as an authority in such matters. Source: Streets of Stratford 2004

Josephine Byrne Sullivan Conlon Stratford-Perth Archives.  

Josephine Byrne Sullivan, early journalist 

Josephine Byrne Sullivan (1867-1920) was the third of six children, and oldest of  four daughters, born to Patrick and Ellen (Byrne) Sullivan who lived at 98 Forman Ave. They were among the early Catholic pioneer residents of Stratford and all are buried in Avondale Cemetery. 

She received her education at St. Joseph's separate school, graduated from high school at the age of eleven years and passed the examination for teacher at fourteen. 

An omnivorous reader, she had been a journalist in Michigan for a dozen years by the time the Stratford Beacon published its 1905 anniversary edition, which reviewed the history of Stratford and the notable achievements of Stratford citizens from 1855 to 1905. The paper noted that Ms. Sullivan was a hard worker and a keen student, and had specialized in the branches of study most useful to her in her chosen profession of journalism. She wrote as "Aunt Rowena" in the Michigan Catholic, a weekly newspaper of which she was the editor, and was loved and admired by thousands in Canada and the United States. Her mar

Between 1914 and 1920, she received a medal for her writing from Pope Benedict XV. It was a  "decoration of honour," conferred by the church for distinguished service by lay people. She was 52 when she died in Detroit.

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