Dorland Drive

Dorland Drive is named for Walter H. Dorland 

Walter H. Dorland  Stratford-Perth Archives

Residence: 193 Huron St.

Dorland Drive runs between Graff Avenue and Dixon Road in the Mornington subdivision. Walter H. Dorland was an official of the City of Stratford for more than 30 years.

He was born in Stratford in 1884 and attended public school and the collegiate before taking a course at the Stratford Model School. (The Model School was the forerunner of the Normal School (see Water Street) later Stratford Teachers' College, and stood on what is now the front lawn of the public library.)

After teaching for three years, Walter Dorland attended Central Business College and then went west, and taught school in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. He then joined the Saskatoon Phoenix and learned something about the newspaper business. In 1907 he returned to Stratford and joined the Stratford Daily Herald in the circulation department. He was secretary-treasurer of the Herald when he left the paper in 1917 to become assistant to city clerk Robert Rigg Lang (1847-1923). Walter Dorland became Stratford's city clerk in 1920 and held that post until retiring in 1947. He was an alderman from 1950 through 1952. He lived at 193 Huron St.

He died in 1956, survived by his second wife, the former Cecilia Baker who died in 1976. She was a member of the 

Stratford Separate School Board, and on the Public Library Board for 15 years. 

With notes from Stanford Dingman

This Beacon-Herald photo, from 1934, depicts a unique moment in Stratford history. It was a trans-Atlantic phone call that linked Stratford, Ontario, with Stratford-on-Avon in England. The call was made from the mayor's office.  Seated from left: city clerk Walter Dorland, R. Thomas Orr (R. Thos. Orr), Mayor Oliver J. Kerr, Beacon-Herald reporter Milt Dunnell, and Mrs. A. E. McKennitt. Standing, from left: Bell manager Norman L. Kilpatrick, Bell wire chief Joshua Young, Bell district manager J. M. McIntosh, Board of Trade president Chas. D. Dingman, Beacon-Herald editor A. R. Kennedy, PUC chairman Norman Siegel, education chairman Alfred T. Capper, and unionist Reg Ranton.  Sources: Brian and  Wendy Reis . . . FB; Stratford-Perth Archives

1931 Council

Back : H.H. Harwood,  Arthur Partridge,   W.H. Riehl, W.E. Goodwin,  A.E. Pounder,  W. H.  Dorland,  R.A. McDonald,   W.Y. Donaldson

Front:   N.R.Fiebig ,  G.I. Graft,  Charels Moore,  F.E. Ingram,  J.A. Andrew