Caroline Street

The judge

Caroline Street appeared on the map in 1922 . It was named by Perth County judge, James Peter Woods, in honour of his daughter Caroline. Judge Woods held office for 12 years, from 1887-1889. He'd come to Stratford as an infant in 1840.

He became a leading pioneer and built a large white house on a big lot north of the railway tracks on the west side of John Street. That property is now 62 John St. Caroline Street runs parallel to John, immediately behind the big house, which once included the block of land surrounded by John and Avon streets, Avondale Avenue and the tracks. A survey of the street is on the 1879 map.

People who knew Caroline Woods said she was an attractive girl with flaming red hair. With notes from Stanford Dingman

62 John St.

Residence J.P. Woods