Cawston Street


Walter Riddell

Cawston Street appeared on the map in 1922, but was not built until the late 1960s. The street is named in honour of the Cawston family, pioneer settlers in both Stratford and Perth County. The street is in an area that was once part of one of the Cawston family farms, and also part of a survey done in 1882 by Thomas and Richard Cawston and George Forman.

The Cawstons on lots 3 and 4, Concession 1, Downie Township, were part of the Stratford scene as early as 1832. In 1870 they sold 47 acres to the town for $3,000 and that land was used for Avondale Cemetery and the Old Grove recreation area.

Charles Cawston's daughter, Georgina, married George Riddell, an engineer with the Grand Trunk Railway when he moved to Stratford. In 1881, George built a beautiful Italianate house at 310 Ontario St. With its quoins, detailed brickwork and imposing south-facing veranda, the house was no doubt designed to impress.

George Riddell's son, Walter Riddell, became Canada’s representative to the League of Nations. By Stanford Dingman

310 Ontario St.