Stores and restaurants  from times gone by    text and photos by Vince Gratton

1910  Carter's Musical Merchandise and Phonographs 

1910 crown Hotel later Kent Hotel, 209 Waterloo St.

1910 The Hub or Barnsdale Department Store Market Square

1921 Kenner Book Store,  44 Ontario

1921 Whyte Packing Store, 42 Downie

1926 Budd's Feed  Store, Market Sq.

1928 Eatons Department Store, 16 Downie St.

1940 J. Pauli Butcher Shop, 31 Ontario St.

1948 Rankin's Restaurant and Confectionary, 81 Ontario St.

1964 Beattie & Co. , 34 Ontario St.

1969 Centre Restaurant. 81 Ontario St.

1972 Elizabethan Restaurant, 92 Ontario St.

The residents of Stratford for over a century and half have enjoyed a unique downtown shopping experience. Bounded by the Courthouse and the Huron Street Bridge to the west. The Avon River to the North and Ontario Street at Nile Street to the east. Further south we have Downie Street to the YM/YWCA and Wellington Street to St. Patrick Street. In the Centre there is the Market Place and Market Street.

Within this area we have a great collection of period buildings that have enjoyed a long life with few alterations. We lost a few to fires and a few to new developments. We have faired well in comparison to many neighbouring communities.

Not one of the remaining retail stores, eateries or service business have survived with its original interiors. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to visit the interiors inside to see what greeted the customer of years ago. The photos here are dated with their address given. Enjoy this imaginary walk back in time as you enter into the stores. 

1910 Pequegnat Jewelers, 71 Ontario St.

1916 McCully's Grocery, 12 Downie

1921 White Star barber shop,94 Downie St.

1924 Swanson Jewelry, Store 83 Ontario St.

1926 United Cigar Store, 3 Downie St.

1940 CIBC,   34-36 Downie St.

1940 James Drug Store, 65 Ontario St.

1948 Ruby Stewart -Iona Fish and Chips, 127 Downie St.

1966 Edinburgh Room, Queen's Hotel 161 Ontario St.

1969 Limelight Restaurant, 69 Downie St.