Redford Crescent

First election, 1867

James and Elizabeth Redford in about 1860 Stratford-Perth Archives

Like all streets in William Gordon’s 1874 survey, Redford was named for one of his friends, James Redford, a businessman and the first member of Parliament elected for the riding of North Perth (see below). It was the first election in the new Dominion of Canada, and James Redford the Liberal candidate, defeated Perth’s veteran Conservative, Thomas Mayne Daly. Daly came back to oust Redford in 1872.

James Redford was born in Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire, Scotland, in 1821, was educated there, and went to Canada West in 1842. Redford taught school and was later employed as a banker, lumber merchant, manufacturer and land speculator in Stratford and Mitchell. In 1851, he married Elizabeth Gouray.

He served as superintendent of schools in Perth County beginning in 1853 and a was a member of the Stratford town council. He was also a director of the Royal Canadian Bank and a captain in the local militia. Redford moved to Austin, Texas, in about 1876, and he died there at age 87. By Stanford Dingman

Redford's move to Texas was the result of a downturn in market conditions, which meant he was unable to repay money he had borrowed to buy lumber. He disappeared, and then reappeared in Texas in 1877. In Stratford, his creditors met and determined his liabilities exceeded $200,000, while his assets totaled $155,000. As a result, his Downie Street farm, cattle and implements, his sawmill and his timber limits in Mornington and Elma townships, along with his Stratford real estate, all were sold to pay his debts. Source Streets of Stratford, 2004

Perth North existed as a federal political riding from 1867 to 1935. Names and dates of those elected as members of Parliament can be found here. Perth North-Wikipedia. South Perth also existed as a federal riding from 1867 to 1935. In 1935, Perth North and South Perth were combined, and allowed one member of Parliament. Information for Perth South can be found here. Perth South-Wikipedia