Preston Street

Preston Street is named in honour of James and William Preston

James Preston (front row centre) and employees at Preston-Noelting Ltd. Nancy Musselman . . . FB

Preston-Noelting plant, 163 King St., circa 1945 Brenda Preston

James and William Preston

James and his son William Preston owned the Preston-Noelting Co. at 163 King St. Preston-Noelting took over the Globe-Wernicke Co. (see King Street) in 1926, and continued to manufacture desks and filing cabinets, but added executive furniture and steel filing cabinets to its line. In 1926, Faultless Caster Corp. joined the Preston company and the product line came to include a full line of casters and roller skates.

Having outgrown out their factory, the Prestons bought the Kist Canada plant at the corner of Waterloo and Albert Streets for their manufacture filing cabinets, which they transferred from their plant on King Street.

It was the Stratford Knitting Co. that built the factory on the corner of Waterloo and Albert streets. It's next owner was the G. L. Griffith Co., which in turn sold it to the Kist company, and it was Kist that sold it to Preston Noelting Ltd.