Park Lane Drive

Park Lane Drive is named after a car

Lloyd F. Drummond, developer

Park Lane Drive

Park Lane Drive was laid out and developed by Stratford realtor, Lloyd F. Drummond (1928-1991) in about 1970. When Drummond was laying out this subdivision, he was driving a blue, four-door-hardtop Mercury Park Lane sedan. He said, "It was a good model, that Park Lane; it was an attractive, good-looking car. It was also good riding and had a nice-sounding name.

"There was a Park Lane in Toronto, as well as the Park Lane in New York city. The name Park Lane had a nice ring to it and I tried to sell the city on using the name Park Lane. " But the city balked because the street was not a lane. The compromised became Park Lane Drive which was opened in about 1970. Source: Streets of Stratford files 2004

1958 Mercury Park Lane