Prints of Stratford's Old Buildings Source: Canadiana

Town Hall and Market Building

Court House

Post Office

Albion Block

Cabinet Hotel

British Mortage and Loan

D. Scrimgeour Norman St.

Grand Trunk Station

J. D. Williamson, Ontario St.

Exchange Hotel , Wellington St.

Gas Works

Henry McFarlane, Avon St.

J.P. Woods, John St.

James Corcoran , Church St.

John Corrie, Mornington st.

Knox Church

Malcohm McFarlane, William St.

Merchant's Bank

Methodists Church

SCI School

Seperate School

St . James Church

St. Josephs Church

The City Hotel

Victoria House

W. Buckingham

Pethicks Hotel at GTR Station

Windsor Hotel

Worths Hotel

W. Mowat , Norman St.