Norwood Court

Norwood Court commemorates the “wood” of the virgin forest

The name Norwood is derived from its proximity to the north boundary of the city, and also commemorates the “wood” of the virgin forest which once covered the land now occupied by Stratford. Unfortunately, the virgin forest was almost all stripped away by pioneer settlers who were anxious to clear the land and plants some crops. Only a hint of the woods survives in the area of Norwood Court.

When Col. Mahlon Burwell, a leading member of Tiger Dunlop’s survey party, walked through the area, he noted cedar, beech, ash, pine and hemlock trees. Surveyor John McDonald of the Canada Company also kept field notes and mentioned maple, beech, elm, basswood, ironwood and black cherry. With that information, the residents of Norwood Court might lead the way for other Stratford residents and return their street to some of the glory for which it was named. Source: Streets of Stratford 2004