Nethercott Drive

Open wide

Nethercott house, 17 Centre St.

Nethercott Drive was named for Dr. D'Arcy Randolph Nethercott (1880-1960) who practised dentistry in Stratford from 1904 to 1954. Born in Mitchell, he was the son of Samuel and Sarah Jane (Martin) Nethercott. In 1893, the family moved to Woodstock. After a one-year apprenticeship with a Woodstock dentist, D'Arcy entered the Royal Dental College at the University of Toronto in 1901. He graduated in 1904 and set up a practice on Downie Street in Stratford. Shortly, he moved his office to 46 Albert St., where he remained for over half a century. In 1909, he married Laura Maud Struthers (1881-1961). They had two daughters and lived at 17 Centre St.

Initially, most of his dental work involved extractions, for which he charged 25 cents a tooth. Fillings were 50 cents each. In the early days of dentistry, the 25-cent price of an extraction did not include any anesthetic. In those days, anesthetics were not in common use, though dentists could use cocaine if necessary.

Nethercott received an honorary membership in the Ontario Dental in 1954, the year in which he retired. In his quiet retirement he remained involved with his church and spent leisure time in his garden. He died on June 14, 1960, his wife in August 1961. Both are buried in Avondale Cemetery. By Stanford Dingman Photo Beacon-Herald Archives