Martin Street

My three sons

Martin's father, Thomas Delamere

Martin Street was part of the Delamere subdivision opened by Thomas Gillmor Delamere in 1920 (see Delamere Avenue). He named the streets in the subdivision after his three sons: Allan Martin Dawson Delamere, 1906–1967; Thomas Denison Delamere, 1908–1985; and Joseph Webster Delamere, 1911–1913. From those names came these streets: Dawson, Martin, Delamere and Denison. Martin and Dawson came from Allan's middle names. The oldest of the Delamere boys, he used only his first name, but there is no Allan Street in Stratford.

Growing up, Allan Delamere enjoyed a healthy active youth on the family poultry farm. After graduating from the Stratford collegiate, he went directly to a flying career, which ended in 1947 after his 21 years as a pilot for Canadian Pacific Airlines. He was a veteran of many mercy flights and rescue missions in the North. By Stanford Dingman