Loud Noises By-Law 1865

City of Stratford Flashback Friday series created by Mike Beitz, Corporate Communications Lead, highlighting some of Stratford’s more interesting or unusual by-laws over the past 150 years.


On March 8, 1865, Stratford’s Municipal Council approved by-law #91,

For the preventing the ringing of bells, blowing of horns, shouting and other unusual noises in streets and public places in the Municipality of Stratford.”

It stipulated that:

no bells shall be rung in the public streets without the consent of the Mayor or council, and that no persons be allowed to blow horns or any other instruments (bands or military displays excepted) nor allowed to shout (fires accepted) or make any other unusual noises in the streets or public places.”

Anyone found guilty of violating the by-law was subject to a fine of between $1 and $20.

If that person was unable to pay the fine, the Mayor of the Justice of the Peace could “commit the offender or offenders to the Common Gaol (jail) or locked up within the said Corporation for a period of not more than thirty days, nor less than one day, with or without hard labour as the said Mayor, Justice or Justices may determine.”