Linden Court

Linden Court is named for the linden tree native to Canada

Linden Court is a short cul-de-sac running north and then east from Maple Avenue. The name “linden” falls into a group of streets named for native trees of Canada. It is believed the tradition was started by Alexander Grant, a city lawyer and land developer who was mayor in 1879.

The only linden tree that is native to Canada is Tilia Americana L., better known as the basswood. It is found from New Brunswick to southern Manitoba, and its light, soft wood is prized for hand-carving.

The name linden usually refers to the fragrant little-leaf Linden or big-leaf linden which are not native to Canada, but have been brought into this country from Europe. They are grown and sold as ornamental lawn specimens by Canadian nurseries. Source: Streets of Stratford, 2004

Basswood carvings