Frederick Street

Frederick Street was named for Frederick, Duke of York,

Frederick, Duke of York

Frederick Street in Stratford was named in 1855 after Frederick Street in Toronto. It is one of a number of streets in the east end which were laid out by two Toronto land developers, John Arnold and James Lukin Robinson in 1853-55. Toronto's Frederick Street was named for Frederick, Duke of York, son of King George Ill.

The street is one of the original streets Of the Old Town of York. The following information is taken from Professor Eric Arthur’s book ' 'Toronto No Mean City." In the introduction he Says — visitor to Paris knows What it is to turn a corner and see a famous monument like the Madeleine for.the first time. It is not necessary to leave Toronto to have the same emotional experience. One may have it when one looks north on John from Queen and sees The Grange for the first, or even the tenth time.

Osgoode Hall at the head of York, and Sir William Campbell's house closing so beautifully the vista of Frederick Street, are not easily forgotten." Source: Stratford- Perth Archives, Streets of Stratford 2004