Fern Street

Asparagus ferns?

Asparagus plumosus

Aparagus sprengeri

Fern Street was named by the members of the Neal family see (Neal Avenue) for two species of ferns they grew in their greenhouses.

Fern Street and the eastern part of Neal Avenue are on land once owned for many years by the Neal family. They specialized in growing cut flowers and potted plants, and under the name Alfred Neal and Sons Florists in their greenhouses at 2300 Delamere Ave., where they also lived. Their retail shop was at 44 Wellington St.

Due to illness in the family, the greenhouses were neglected and fell into disrepair. In 1960, Jacob (Jake) A. Triller of 480 William St., bought the Neal property and demolished the house and greenhouses. With notes from Stanford Dingman

There two kinds of ferns grown for use with cut flowers: asparagus plumosus and asparagus sprengeri. Asparagus ferns get their name from their fern-like foliage. However, they are in the Asparagaceae family and not classified as true ferns.