Egan Circle

Father Dan" Monsignor

Monsignor Daniel Egan  Stratford-Perth Archives

Egan Circle is named for Msgr. Daniel Joseph Egan, who was invested with the robes of office as a domestic prelate of the papal household under the title of monsignor, in St. Joseph's Church, Stratford, in 1950. The honour was bestowed on Egan by Pope Pius XII before a large gathering of dignitaries of the Roman Catholic Church in the diocese of London and a large gathering of members of St. Joseph's Church and the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

It was a history-making event for St. Joseph's Church, and Stratford, when the investiture ceremony was conducted by Most Rev. John T. Kidd, Bishop of London, who congratulated Msgr. The letter from Pope Pius XII, officially conferring the honour on Msgr. Egan, was read by Rev. J.  A. Roney, secretary to Bishop Kidd and chancellor of the London diocese. There was a large representation of monsignori and priests from churches in Perth and throughout the whole diocese of London. They presented an impressive spectacle as they entered the church in procession while the choir sang. 

After his ordination, Msgr. Egan spent nearly six years as secretary to the bishop at St. Peter's Cathedral in London. He came to Stratford in 1905 as the first pastor of the newly opened Church of the Immaculate Conception on Well Street. In December 1928, he was appointed pastor of St. Joseph's Church and Dean of the Stratford Deanery.

Rev. Egan held picnics on July 1 in Queens Park, which was one of the largest gatherings in the park during the summer season. For many years he was an active member of the Rotary Club of Stratford, when he was known as "Father Dan."

In 1949, he celebrated 50 years in the priesthood. In 1955, he retired as pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, where he had served for 27 years, and moved to St. Marys where he died at age 93 in 1964. With notes from Stanford Dingman