Duke Street

Named for the Duke of Wellington

Duke Street is one of three sheets in a plan laid out by John Augustus McCarthy in 1855. One of the city’s leading pioneers, he has been described as Stratford’s first permanent resident. For certain, he was here in Stratford’s first year, 1832. 

McCarthy quickly became an influential member of his new community and was appointed its first police constable. He owned a farm in the area bounded by Mornington, Britannia, Earl and Princess streets. 

Born in England, McCarthy was a world traveller who had been to Australia and Ceylon before settling in the the Town of Stratford. He chose the name Duke Street in honour of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, who had died in 1852. 

The Duke of Wellington was much admired as Britain’s greatest military hero and his achievements are recognized in the street names of Stratford (see Douro Street). McCarthy was a high-stepper and may have encountered the Duke of Wellington on his world travels, if not in person, certainly by reputation. Source: Streets of Stratford 2004

McCarthy had a street named after him. See McCarthy Road.

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