Diana Court

Alls Well That Ends Well

Beatrice Lennard

In the city's tradition of relating street names to the works of William Shakespeare, Diana Court Diana, daughter to the widow in Shakespeare’s All’s Well that Ends Well.

The Shakespeare comedy holds a greater-than-usual significance for Stratford because it was one of the two plays produced for the Stratford Festival's the first season, 1953. Sir Alex Guinness and Irene Worth took the leading roles, and Diana was played by Beatrice Lennard. All three Toronto critics at the play’s opening had words of praise for Lennard’s Diana.

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Photo: Vince Gratton

A 60th-anniversary flashback photo from the Festival's first season

This press photo was taken on the grounds of the Stratford Normal School (teachers college) in front of the new Shakespearean theatre in 1953. It was the first garden party for the supporters, staff and patrons of this new Canadian theatre venture. Today (2013) is the celebration of the 60th season for the Theatre which had its inaugural show, Richard III on July 13, 1953.

"That is me in the 1948 Austin Pathfinder pedal car talking to actress Beatrice Lennard, with Roy Wildgust of the London Free Press looking on. I wasn't that into formality at the time; I just wanted to meet the prettiest lady in the crowd. A similar photo to this appeared in the London (Ontario) Free Press the next day, much to my mother's amazement

Beatrice Lennard (1920-1984) played Diana in All's Well That Ends Well that first year, under the roof of the original tent. I am humbled today to say that I'm likely one of only a few people left who was at this important historical gathering. Should have perhaps washed and painted my car for this important event, but I was always too busy driving everywhere." Vince Gratton