Denison Street

Denison Street named for the son of Lt.-Col. Thomas Delamere

Lt.-Col. Thomas G. Delamere

Denison Street was laid out in 1920 as part of the subdivision opened by Lt.-Col. Thomas Gillmor Delamere (see Delamere Avenue) who named the street for his second son, Thomas Denison Delamere, born in 1908. The name of the Lt.-Col.'s mother (and Thomas's paternal grandmother) was Elizabeth Mary Denison Delamere (July 21, 1844-Dec. 6, 1918).


The man for whom the street was named never used either of his Christian names. As a child, he came to be known as "Pete," and the name stuck. He was called "Den" by his friends in secondary school, and his brother, Alan M. Dawson Delamere (see Dawson Street), was called "Del." So "Del" and "Den" are now Dawson and Denison streets.

"Pete" was six when his family moved to the new house his parents built on the family's poultry farm. The address of that house is now 480 William St. Pete left Stratford in 1927 to seek his fortune in Toronto, where he worked for the Confederation Life Insurance Co. for 44 years. When he retired, in 1973, he was in charge of the "outside of Canada" service office. Source: Stratford-Perth Archives Streets of Stratford