Dannecker Road

215 Douro St.

Vann's Fine Bakery

The house in this photo, at 215 Douro St., was the residence and corner store for Albert and Ada Dannecker in the 1950s and '60s. They lived in the left side of the building. Neighbourhood stores were popular back then because many families didn't shop for groceries on a weekly basis, as they do today. When chain stores, such as Dominion and Loblaws, became popular, most of the small markets closed.

They Danneckers had a checkout counter inside the main door, between the two big windows. The main aisle was down the right side and led to a meat counter. Albert Dannecker was the butcher. The meat freezer was at the rear of the store, on the left side. All the deliveries came in side entrance on Well Street. A second aisle ran up to the checkout on the right side of the store. Also to the right at the front was a door accessed the owners' premises. There was also an apartment at the back of the building, on the second floor.

The Danneckers allowed the locals to buy goods "on account," and settle those accounts on or after "pay day." For lower-income families who struggled at times, the Danneckers were understanding and showed compassion.

Ada Dannecker died in 1956, Albert in 1960. Source: FB

* Vann's Fine Bakery started a new business here in 2022.