College Street

College Street is named after Toronto's College Street

College Street runs off Brunswick Street between the streets of Trinity and King. It is part of a large survey in the southeast part of the city that was laid out by John Arnold and James Lukin Robinson in 1853-55. They were Toronto land developers and preferred to bring their street names from Toronto. They usually "borrowed" names they considered to be important, and College is one of them.

College Street in Toronto is an old, well-known street which passes just to the south of Queens Park, seat of the Ontario legislature. It is also the southern boundary of the University of Toronto campus, from which its name is drawn. The University of Toronto had its origin in a small Church of England college known as King's College. Another Toronto landmark was Eaton's College Street store, which gained a reputation as one of the finest department stores in North America. College Street is still an important focal point of life in Toronto, a street name shared with residents on College Street in Stratford.  Source: Streets of Stratford 2004  

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