Charles Street

King of Canada

Elizabeth Strachan 

Charles Street was part of a survey laid out by William Mackenzie in 1853 (see Map 1853)

The street was named for Charles Mercer Jones, elder son of Thomas Mercer Jones and Elizabeth Mary Strachan. She was the only daughter of Bishop John Strachan, one of the pillars of the Family Compact.  By Stanford Dingman  Picture: Wikitree

Thomas Mercer Jones was an English-born administrator who arrived in Upper Canada in the 1820s and was employed as a commissioner of the Canada Company, based in Goderich. He was described as the lord of all, in the person of the first King of Canada.

A series of internal conflicts with the Canada Company led to his dismissal in 1852. He died in Toronto. By Stanford Dingman

Thomas Mercer Jones