Animals running at large By-Law , 1867

City of Stratford Flashback Friday series created by Mike Beitz, Corporate Communications Lead, highlighting some of Stratford’s more interesting or unusual by-laws over the past 150 years.

Be it enacted by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Town of Stratford as follows:

1st All bulls, horses, boar pigs, hogs, rams and sheep found running at large may be impounded and the owners thereof shall be subject to a fine of $2 for each offence to be recovered on oath of one credible witness in addition to any claim for damages.

Geese and other poultry found running at large and doing damage could also be impounded, but there were exceptions for certain animals in the by-law:

“… cows, oxen, stags and all others embraced in that designation are allowed to run at large (if not breachy).

NOTE: Breachy is defined as “apt to break fences or be wild.”

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